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The 2022 harvest finished on the 29th of September. The last clusters of Cabernet Sauvignon were picked. After the harvest, which started on the 30th of August,  of the grapes for the production of our Rosato in the vineyard of Santa Cristina in Pilli, we picked Merlot, the white grape varieties (Trebbiano, San Colombano and Vermentino), Sangiovese,  Canaiolo Nero and the last varieties to be picked were Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The yield was excellent although we had a drought from April till mid August. The clusters were flawless and beautiful. There were no problems with disease and consequently the vines were sprayed very little. There also were no problems with fermentation of the musts.  The alcohol strength of the wine is quite high, with differences depending on the crus, with good acidity and good aromatics. The ripening of the polyphenols in the red wines is good. The reds are elegant with fine and well integrated tannins. Therefore, these wines are an excellent base for Barco Reale and for Carmignano 2022.

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